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I have been coaching now for over 5 years (Janx Holistic Life Coaching) - specialising in Health, Well Being and Spiritual Coaching. I love to help people become healthier, have more energy, confidence and a good self esteem.



What is Life Coaching

Coaching Definition

Cost of Coaching


History - How did life coaching start?


Coaching could be said to have been documented as way back as to the time of Socrates (470-399BC). A Greek philosopher and intellectual teacher, who advocated the technique of not wishing to lecture like a “schoolmaster”,but to discuss and to ask questions as if he knew nothing, giving the impression of one desiring to learn from those with whom he spoke. His mother was a midwife and he used to say that his art was like that of a midwife. She did not herself give birth to the child but was there to help during the delivery. Socrates saw his task as helping people to “give birth” to correct insight, since real understanding must come from within.



Then according to Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, when railways replaced horse-drawn road transport in the 1830s and the 1840’s, they took over the old coaching terms as the steamship did from days of the sail. To get on fast you took a coach!! It is from this association that a private. tutor or sports trainer is called a coach, for it is his job to get his pupils trained as fast as possible.



What is Life Coaching?


To put it simply, coaching is a conversation between two people, either on the phone or face to face. However in some  circumstances, a group ie. Corporate coaching.


Coaching Definition


A definition of coaching by Myles Downy is “Coaching is the Art of facilitating the performance, learning and development of another”


I like what Myles Downy also says later in his book “ the process of coaching becomes a dance between two people conversationally, moving in harmony and partnership. At this point the intelligence, intuition and imagination of the Coach become a valuable combination rather than an interference from the coach”


Laura Berman Fortgang says coaching is about “where you were, where you are now and overcoming the hurdle of where you want to go”


I personally like to define coaching holistically (Mind, Body and Spirit) To find out where the person is now in their life’s journey and then to guide and encourage him/her to step out of their comfort zone and move him/her on step by step. It may even mean facing their fears. I would concentrate on “feeling the fear and doing it anyway” like Susan Jeffries encourages in her book.  In order to break free from the blocks that have been created.


Client Val - wanted to ask her boss for a raise After about three sessions of working on her self worth and values, she was able to ask her employer for a raise. Her self worth hit the roof. She felt she had addressed a major block in her belief system.


My client Ann, wanted to be coached about weight loss, but after coaching her for about 15 mins, what came up was not her weight, but having control in her life. She hated being out of control, that was when she would eat! She felt everyone had control of her time. So we worked on her beliefs about control first, before we tackled her weight loss.


The first coaching call is complementary - about 30 minutes and is to build up a relationship of coaching. Just to get to know you and find out what you would like to be coached on.



Cost of Coaching



This starts from £45



I use Phone Coaching and one to one. Email contact during sessions is offered as support. I advise my clients to set aside at least one month for Coaching. Better results are achieved when Coaching is spread over 3 months, with one session a week.



        I look forward to helping you achieve the best life ever!!



"Coaching is all about helping a person to have the right balance in all areas of life”    Jan Crisp

" One of the other main issues that repeated itself under various different disguises was my lack of self worth and low self esteem.  I have found that by having that hour a week and a set goal at the end of it, I became more focussed about sorting out this problem to the extent that it was improved drastically” .