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Life Alignment has been developed by Dr Jeff Levin, it is a simple and practical technique; it is gentle, yet powerful, enabling us to move into a phase of self empowerment and transformation. Life Alignment is a unique vibrational healing technique that allows the practioner to access the body's bio computer to determine, locate and correct the body’s imbalances.


Reported Benefits of Life Alignment Technique


·Align The Physical, Emotional, Mental and spiritual bodies

·Balance The physical structure, organs, glands, yeast, bacteria, viruses and parasites, energy circuits, meridians and chakras

·Increase Vitality and mental alertness, circulation, self confidence and self-empowerment

·Improve Digestion and assimilation, immune system and metabolism

·Release Suppressed emotions, stress emotional, environmental toxity and energy blockages

·Relieve Pain and fatigue rapidly and effectively


Cost 1 1/2 hours - £50.00


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                              Vortex Alignment Technique












Vortex Alignment Technique developed by Dr Jeff Levin,

Vibrational Healing for the Body & Environment


Our bodies strive continuously to keep us healthy, protected from the constant invasion of pollutants from our environment. It is amazing how well our bodies tolerate the constant abuse heaped upon them. However, when we overburden this tremendous healing capacity, it does begin to break down. The Vortex Cards are the result of years of exploration and research into the field of environmental pollution and its detrimental effect on our bodies. They are designed to balance every aspect of our environment, as well as help to heal our bodies.


Vortex Cards have a profound healing effect on the body and have been shown to:

· Align the structure of the body releaving structural pains.

· Balance chakras, meridians and subtle bodies.

· Balance the energy field of organs, glands and body systems.

· Strengthen the immune system

· Relieve pain

· Raise the body’s frequency

· Oxygenate and detoxify the blood

· Release emotional stress


Cost 1 hour - £40.00


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                                                                                 Body Spin











BodySpin has been developed by Dr Jeff Levin, Doctor of Natural Medicine. It works with the body’s cellular memory or Bio-computer, which guides the practioner to the appropriate priority. Body Spin utilises 2 vortex cards, the Seed of Life and the Resonance, which have been energised and are used to create a vortex or gateway through which a stream of energy is released or received.


Body Spin can be applied to all issues, be they physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Everyone can benefit from a treatment, it is like peeling an onion. Every time a treatment is given a little more energy can come through, as the person starts to clear issues that have got stuck in their body.


The patient can lie down or sit up for the treatment. Most people feel a sense of calm and can feel the energy coming through. Body Spin is a treatment to be experienced-some people see lots of colours and others may feel a warm sensation. Everyone’s experience is totally individual.


Cost 1 hour £35.00




Note For Life Alignment, Vortex, Body Spin


No clothing needs to be removed and no oils. The process is done over clothing, using a pendulum and some Kinesiology.


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