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The Total Mind, Body and Spirit Approach


Janx Holistic Health and Fitness offers a unique range of classes, alternative therapies and holistic life coaching.




To be healthy it is important to consider :-

·What you think, believe and create in your life

·What you eat, drink and digest


·Your environment - home and work

·Movement throughout your day - fitness class and walking to the bus stop etc.

·Having joy of movement in every thing that you do, from putting out the washing to mowing the lawn.

·Sleep patterns




“All that we are is a result of what we have thought”

Abraham Lincoln




“I first went to one of Jan’s workshops and was inspired by her energy and enthusiasm”

Pat D


“Through Jan and her coaching I realised what I was doing to myself by not eating properly and since then I have made concerted efforts to treat myself better.”



“Your sympathetic and inspirational guidance has yet again proved invaluable and now I find that I use ideas that we have discussed in many areas of my life - often without realising it.”








SMILING     is    infectious.     You   catch   it    like  the   flu,

When someone SMILED at me today, I started SMILING too,

I  passed  around  the corner  and  someone  saw  my  grin,

When  he  SMILED,  I’d  realized  I’d  passed  it  on  to  him.

I   thought   about   that   smile,  then   realized   its   worth,

A   single  SMILE  like  mine  could  travel  ‘round the world.

So   if  you  feel  a  SMILE  begin,  don’t leave it undetected.